Latin Drumming Lessons

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Learn How To Play Latin On The Drums

This section includes Latin drum lessons that cover important topics including: son clave, rumba clave, bossa nova, and songo beats. Work through each lesson carefully before moving on. Then, once you've got a basic understanding of how to play Latin on the drums, check out our drum play-alongs. There you will be able to apply what you've learned by playing with real Latin music!

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Son Clave Beats - Learning how to play the son clave is essential for any serious Latin drummer. In this lesson, you will learn how to incorporate the son clave (a five note pattern) into common Latin grooves. These beats require some independence.
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Rumba Clave Beats - In this video lesson, you will learn how to play the rumba clave, which is common within Latin drum beats. The clave is an essential pattern for Latin music that must be practiced regularly. The rumba clave is similar to the son clave, however it is different enough to give it a unique feel within Latin music.
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Bossa Nova Beats - The Bossa Nova is one of Brazil's most popular forms of Latin music. It is one of the more simple grooves to play, however it is extremely effective. The Bossa Nova is usually played at slower tempos, and is eighth-note based.
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Songo Drum Beats - This video lesson will teach you how to play the Songo beat, which is one of the more difficult forms of Latin music. The Songo beats may be a little tricky to play at first, but these grooves are an extremely fun and energetic way to play the drums.
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Cascara Drum Beats - This drum video lesson will teach you how to play the Cascara beat, which is a fun style of Latin drumming. The Cascara drum beat is fun and energetic although it may be difficult to catch on at first. Take some time and learn this creative Latin beat.

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