Drum Discussion Forum Links

Drum discussion forums are very popular in the drumming community. They give drummers a chance to discuss new concepts, learn new techniques, and share stories of their own drumming experiences. If you searching for any specific drum video, drum lesson, or are just looking to meet up with some drummers in your area, drum discussion forums are for you.

Below is a list of some of the most widely used and top rated drum discussion forums on the web. Each one has their own community of drummers that offer their own knowledge. Some forums are more technique based, while others are more hardware based. Browse around to find which drum forum is best for you!

Free Drum Lessons Forums Forums

The drum forum is an inviting, supporting and encouraging drum forum. We pride ourselves on how involved our team of DL drummers are in the forums. Our tight-knit yet extremely accepting community is geared towards lending a helping hand to fellow drummers of all skill levels.

Drummerworld Forums Forums

The forum is one of the biggest drum forums online. With discussions on technique, drummers, gear, and more, this site covers it all. Here there are thousands of drummers interacting with each other daily!  If you have questions about the drums you can usually find answers here.

Drummercafe Forums Forums

Drummercafe is a massive drum forum hosted by professional drummer Bart Elliot. This forum covers all the main topics on drums including techniques, drum gear, and other drum related issues. Thousands of drummers are signed up already; a great source for drum information.

Pearl Drums Forums Forums

One of the biggest drum manufacturers has created a forum that is extremely popular in the drum community. Pearl Drummers Forum has thousands of drummers interacting on all topics about drums.  Drummers from all over the world meet here to discuss what they know about drums.

Drumdogs Forums Forums

A drum community that discusses everything drum related. Here you will find many forums on all the different drum manufacturers, drum techniques, and more. Also, you can connect with each other and buy/sell drum kits, a useful tool if your constantly looking for something new to add to your kit.

Mikedolbear Forums Forums

A drumming forum moderated by Mike Dolbear. A nicely designed drum forum full of useful topics. Thousands of posts, and thousands of drummers interacting with each other every day.   Not only is this forum a great place to interact with drummers it is also a good educational tool.

Online Drummer Forums Forums

A drum forum hosted by Onlinedrummer. Here you will see thousands of posts regarding topics on drum gear, drum reviews, drum techniques, and much more. If you are a fan of the website, you should definitely check out the forums! If you need a particular question answered about drums come here.

Mikeportnoy Foruns Forums

A forum hosted and moderated by Mike Portnoy himself. Mike has quite the fan base, which all gathers here for discussions on all drumming topics, which makes it a great place to learn. You can personally ask Mike questions here if you had one.  Another great forum to check out.