Drum Beats With Double Bass

Believe it or not, the double bass drum can be used in any style of drumming to spice up your beats and grooves. Most drummers view the double bass drum as a heavy addition to any drum pattern. This is the case because most drummers incorporate the double bass into heavy metal, and speed drumming styles of music. Because of this, the double bass drum has been labeled as a heavier style of drumming. This is definitely not the case. Being able to incorporate the double bass drum into all styles of music is what separates the pro’s from the novice. The truth is the double bass drum is very versatile, and can be added to spice up any beat, fill or solo. Let me explain.

Learning how to play the double bass drum may be a little tricky at first. This is because you are training a huge muscle to play at speeds that are supposed to match your hands. When you practice the double bass, you usually play single or double stroke rolls on the foot pedals, giving a heavy feel to the groove. What you need to realize is that these are just practice patterns designed to develop foot control and independence. There is much more you can play on the double bass drum then just solid rolls.

Before I go on, let me explain the different styles of double bass drumming. (For a further list of double bass terms, you can always check out the library of drum terms). There are two ways you can play the double bass drum; there is the double bass pedal and the double bass drum set. Both are just as effective; however each have their own pros and cons. When are looking at adding the double bass into your regular drumming, you may want to consider using a double bass drum pedal. This is a popular choice if you are not playing a lot of double bass; it allows you to add in shots and triplets without having to haul around a whole other bass drum. Here is what a double bass drum pedal looks like:

Double Bass Pedals

If you are more interested in playing a lot of double bass in your drumming, then you may want to look into purchasing an extra bass drum. If you play a lot of faster double bass chops, you will want to have two bass drums for the best sound. Although it is sometimes a hassle to carry around two bass drums, and it may cost more, having the extra drum will allow for the most even sound. Here is Joey Jordison's drum set, which is a great example of a double bass drum setup:

Joey Jordison drum kit

One of the most popular techniques on the double bass drum is the Swiss Army Triplet. This is also a drum rudiment that is played on the double bass drum that gives a quick triplet pattern that spices up any fill or beat. Playing this quick pattern on the bass drum is a great way to add accents of shots to a regular drum beat. This does not need to be played in a rock drumming groove either. The Swiss triplet can be played in jazz, or any other style of music. This is just one of the ways to spice up your every day drumming.

When you start playing the double bass drum you start developing a totally new mind set for your footwork. When you can maneuver your feet the same way as your hands, you can add much more to your drum fills. Think of it like playing a pattern on your snare with your feet. When you can do this, the benefits you can add to your drum fills are amazing. Adding foot to hand patterns will spice up any drum beat or fill. The best part about this is you do not need to play too much double bass to make a fill effective. Because of this, you can add this feel into all sorts of music styles.

Aside from the bass drumming patterns you can incorporate into your playing, you can also use the foot independence you developed on your hi hats as well. This is a must if you are into jazz or Latin drumming. The skills you develop from playing the double bass drum is easily transferable to your hi hat pedal. Independence is key when you are a drummer, so any way to increase this is a benefit to your overall drumming!

As you can see, there is a big benefit to playing the double bass drum. Even if you are not a metal or heavy rock drummer, you can get a lot from using your feet. Playing the double bass can be intimidating at first, so make sure you take things slow. You may want to check out the video lesson on developing your double bass drum. From there you can work on your double bass drum warm-ups and double bass drum beats.


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