Benefits Of The Moeller Method

If you are a drummer looking to increase your speed, power, and control of your drumsticks, then you may want to look into the Moeller method. The Moeller method is a technique used on your sticks to maximize the control and speed of your drumsticks; ultimately improving your overall drumming. The Moeller method is a technique used by every professional drummer, so why not learn it yourself? Learning how to play the Moeller method is not actually that difficulty at all. Before you even start to learn the proper Moeller strokes, let me explain some of the benefits of the Moeller method.

Develop total control of your drumsticks

Whether you use the Moeller method for its full potential or not, learning how incorporate it into your everyday playing will help to develop a complete new feel and control for your drumsticks. With the Moeller method, you learn how to grip your drum sticks in ways never thought of before. These unique Moeller stick grips will enable you to get maximum bounce and control from your strokes. You will learn how to find the fulcrum point, or balancing point of the drum stick quick and easily. For a video lesson on finding the fulcrum point and proper stick grip, watch Mike Michalkow's lesson on how to hold your drumsticks. You can also read up about the different type of stick grips with this powerful article on drumstick grips. These reasons alone are enough to at least study the Moeller method at least a short while.

Increase your power on your drumsticks

Once you have discovered the proper way to hold your drumsticks, you will be able to get the next benefit from the Moeller method – drumstick power! The Moeller method teaches a number of strokes that use your wrists as a whipping motion to get a very powerful strike on the drums. This motion is fairly easy to maneuver; however you must get the proper style down first. With this technique, you will be able to get the most power out of your drumsticks with very little work at all. Learning the Moeller method will increase your overall dynamics on the drum set.

Double, or even triple your drumstick speed

Probably one of the biggest benefits you will see from the Moeller method is the increased speed on your drumsticks. The Moeller method teaches you how to use the rebound of your stick to control the amount of strokes you get from each hit. When you have the Moeller method mastered, you will be able to get anywhere from 2 to 6 (or more) strokes for each hit of the drum. You can only imagine how much faster you could drum with the ability to get 4 times the amount of strokes from your basic drum roll. In the end, you will be able to master each of the 40 essential drum rudiments with speed, power and control.

When you break it down, there are too many reasons to learn the Moeller method to just ignore it. It may be a change from your regular style of drumming, but once learned, you will notice an improvement immediately. Sometimes learning a new technique may seem to set you backwards in your drumming skills; however once you are comfortable with it your skill level will increase that much faster. So take the time to look into this technique that is growing rapidly in popularity in the drumming community!

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