Jazz Bass Drum Comping

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Improve Your Jazz Drumming with Bass Drum Comping

These bass drum comping exercises are designed to build independence within your bass drum foot. They work the same way the snare drum comping patterns do, but are focused around the bass drum. They are great for jazz drumming, but are sure to improve many other areas of your drumming at the same time.

Bass Drum Comping Beats

Bass Drum Comping Beat #1


Bass Drum Comping Beat #2


Bass Drum Comping Beat #3


Bass Drum Comping Beat #4


Bass Drum Comping Beat #5


Bass Drum Comping Beat #6

Once you have completed both the snare drum comping and bass drum comping exercises, you can move on to patterns that combine both. You'll find these in the snare and bass drum comping drum lesson.

Strengthen your bass drum technique with this free bass drum technique drum lesson.

For more jazz drum lessons check out Drumeo Edge at www.Drumeo.com.

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