Blues Shuffle Drum Beats

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Learn How To Play Blues Shuffle Beats

This free drum lesson covers six popular blues shuffle beats. They are all based around eighth note triplets, and should be played with a laid-back feel. The first four have the pulse on two and four, while the last two are in a half-time feel (with the pulse on the three count). Watch the included video for more information.

Blues Shuffle Beats

Blues Shuffle Beat #1


Blues Shuffle Beat #2


Blues Shuffle Beat #3


Blues Shuffle Beat #4


Blues Shuffle Beat #5


Blues Shuffle Beat #6

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More Online Resources:

The Drumming System has a DVD on Groove Rock Lessons - covering blues, funk, reggae, and shuffle beats. There are step-by-step drum lessons for beginners, intermediates, and advanced drummers! And of course, the training pack covers much, much more. Click here.

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