Tom-Tom Drum Beats

For more tom-tom beats, check out Successful Drumming.

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Learn To Play Tom-Tom Beats for Rock Music

This video lesson covers five fun drum beats that are played on the toms. Unlike most drum beats that are centered around the hi-hats or ride-cymbal, these grooves are built around tom-tom patterns. They aren't too difficult to play, and work well in a wide range of playing styles. Try using one of these tom-tom drum beats at your next rock gig!

Tom-Tom Beats

Tom-Tom Beat #1


Tom-Tom Beat #2


Tom-Tom Beat #3


Tom-Tom Beat #4


Tom-Tom Beat #5

Looking for more drum beat ideas? Check out our lessons on eighth note beats, sixteenth note beats, and half time beats. They are all in the range of beginner to intermediate, and work well for most rock situations.

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