Thomas Lang Photo
Name: Thomas Lang
Born: August 5, 1967
Origin: Vienna, Austria
Drums: DW Drums
Cymbals: Meinl
Drum Sticks: Vic Firth
Associated Bands:
Geri Halliwell, Robbie Williams,
John Wetton, B*Withced, Falco,
The Clash, Asia, Boyzone,
and more...

Thomas Lang

Thomas Lang, one of the finest drummers of our times, has created a niche for himself in the music world. Even at a tender age of five, Lang was immensely fascinated with drumming. His inspirations came from watching performances of rock bands on television and he fancied drummers as people who ‘sat like bosses’ while playing, and vowed to one day be like one of ‘the bosses’.

Born on August 5, 1967 in Vienna, Lang learnt the art of music from Vienna Conservatory of Music. While at school, he concentrated on learning Jazz, Fusion and Big Band styles. Apart from drums, Lang is also a master in Guitar, Piano. His diversity in art and style led him to not only stand out as a performer, but also as a great instructor and producer. This coupled with a strong sense of independence and an impervious will to be the best in the industry, Lang has unassumingly proclaimed that his life’s motto is “To play the unplayed”.

Upon graduating from the conservatory, Lang started touring with renowned bands, playing Jazz, European Pop and Rock styles. Though his climb to success and fame wasn’t a very fast one, Lang was a hard worker who multitasked to a point of taking up to fifteen projects at a time. Lang has worked with big band names like Geri Halliwell, Robbie Williams, John Wetton, B*Withced, Falco, The Clash, Asia, Boyzone, Suicidal Tendencies Gianna Nannini, Mick Jones among others.

Lang’s instructional exploits were first produced in a 2-part video series, “Ultamatives Schlagzeug I & II,” in 1999. This production won him critical accolades from all over the world and this made the series to be released on DVD by Hudson Music in 2004. His latest instructional release is “Creative Coordination & Advanced Foot Technique”, also produced by Hudson Music. In this work, he wrote all the songs used to demonstrate various foot styles while drumming.

Thomas Lang is highly respected for his studio work that has helped put together over 250 albums world wide. In 1995, Lang produced his first solo album “Mediator”. The album was highly acclaimed for crafting Jazz, Dance and Prog-Rock sounds so coherently. His Second Solo album “Something along Those lines” was released in the March of 2007. It was produced by Muso Entertainment. This album is a product of four years of hard work and inspiration. The album amalgamates sounds of electric contemporary Jazz and progressive Rock, with great overtones of guitar and intense drumming.

Thomas Lang has a long and close association with MEINL, a leading manufacturer of cymbals and other percussion instruments, based in Germany. In 2002 they collaboratively produced a range of crash cymbals--“Tom’s Becken”, otherwise called “Thomas Lang Practice Kit”. This kit is unique for its easy portability and its uniquely engineered cymbal samples and contemporary sounds. After its production, Lang asserted that since he is a hard traveler, he fears disturbing people in his hotel room or backstage while practicing; but with this kit, he can easily play inaudibly and fold it after he is done.

Lang at present endorses Sonor drums and Meinl Cymbals. He has also designed a number of signature kits and equipment like Sonor Desinger X-Ray kit, the 16” “Synthetik Crash”, 17” “Kompressor Crash”, 18” “Kinetic Crash”, 18” “Signal Crash/Klub Ride”, “Filter Chinas”, all of which were designed in corroboration with Meinl. He has also designed the Vic Firth sticks, which are aimed at producing a thunderous projectile sounds on drums. A part from these, Lang also uses Sonor and Gibraltar Hardware, Roland Electronics, Hardcase Road Cases, AKG Microphones, Remo drum heads, powerstroke 3 bass head, with pillow among other kits. While performing live, Lang often uses a series of Sonor Delite kits.

Lang’s hard work has paid off in many ways. He has climbed the ladder of success as a drummer, a producer and a teacher with undaunted strides. In 2006, Lang was voted “The best drummer of 2006” by Rhythm Magazine Readers’ Poll. As a teacher, Lang taught at London Music School in Wapping, London (formerly the Musician's Institute) in 1998/99. During his stint at the school, he invited Robert Trujillo to perform a session there. Lang has also produced two educational books and is geared to release Muso Gear, which is clothing line inspired by music.

Lang has mesmerized his audiences and fans all over the world with his signature and innovative techniques of playing drums and other music instruments. Watch these Thomas Lang drum videos to see him awe and inspire audiences. Nevertheless, he affirmed that technique has nothing to do with music - it’s just like any other tool which can be used to build anything. No matter how much he has achieved, Thomas Lang is not done yet, he still has more left in him, to ‘play the unplayed’.

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