Jazz Drum Fills

For more jazz drum fills, check out the Jazz Drumming System.

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Learn Basic Jazz Drum Fills

This lesson teaches four basic jazz drum fills that you can use with the jazz drum beats we teach here at FreeDrumLessons.com. These patterns are fairly basic, but will enable you to eventually start creating your own unique patterns. Start by mastering these fills, and then modify them with your own ideas.

The most important concept you will learn here is that Jazz fills are typically based around triplets. If you don't know how to read triplets, you can go watch the eighth note triplets lesson now. That will give you an excellent overview of how to read, count, and interpret all the fills on this page.

Jazz Drumming Fills

Jazz Drum Fill #1


Jazz Drum Fill #2


Jazz Drum Fill #3


Jazz Drum Fill #4

Ready for some new jazz drumming beats? Take a look at the bass drum comping and snare drum comping lessons to take your independence to the next level. They are perfect for any jazz drumming enthusiast.

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