Welcome to Free Drum Lessons

This website is a free resource for drummers who want to improve their playing abilities. We encourage you to watch the drum lessons available here on this website, as well as our all-new video drum lessons on DrumLessons.com.

Beginners are encouraged to start in the beginner drum lessons section. There you will find our how to play drums and learn to play drums videos that teach drums completely from scratch. You can also register for a free video series to get step-by-step training to guide you towards your drumming goals.

Intermediate and advanced drummers can watch our video lessons on the 40 drum rudiments, dynamic drumming, drum theory and notation, and drum set play-alongs. They all contain a range of lessons that are sure to challenge drummers of all skill levels.

Are you looking for step-by-step drum lessons?

If you're looking for the fastest way to learn the drums, you need a progressive step-by-step training system that moves you from one stage to the next with no guesswork or brick-wall barriers in the way.

You should take a few minutes to look at Jared Falk's Successful Drumming training pack. Successful Drumming is a guided curriculum that makes it easy for students to establish a solid foundation. The lessons are designed to be completed in bite-sized chunks, and the included progress-tracking system makes it easy to build momentum, achieve goals, and celebrate results.

Visit www.SuccessfulDrumming.com for more information.