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Sixteenth Note Drum Beats

For more dynamic drum beats, check out Successful Drumming.

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Learn To Play Sixteenth Note Beats for Rock

This video lesson includes six of the most popular sixteenth note drum beats. They are perfect for beginner to intermediate drummers that are looking to take their drumming to the next level. Unlike the simple quarter note beats and eighth note beats, these patterns include notes that aren't played in sync with the hi-hats.

Sixteenth Note Beats

Sixteenth Note Beat #1


Sixteenth Note Beat #2


Sixteenth Note Beat #3


Sixteenth Note Beat #4


Sixteenth Note Beat #5


Sixteenth Note Beat #6

Once you are finished with these sixteenth note beats, you can move on to the two handed sixteenth note beats, or try the more challenging sixteenth note accent beats. Both lessons include six unique drum grooves.