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Jazz Snare Drum Comping

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Improve Your Jazz Drumming with Snare Drum Comping

The snare drum comping exercises in this lesson are designed to improve your left-hand control within jazz drumming. All of the patterns are based around the basic jazz pattern, but include unique snare drum patterns designed to challenge your limb-independence. The beats can be a little tricky, so work through them slowly at first to ensure you are practicing them correctly.

Snare Drum Comping Beats

Snare Drum Comping Beat #1


Snare Drum Comping Beat #2


Snare Drum Comping Beat #3


Snare Drum Comping Beat #4


Snare Drum Comping Beat #5


Snare Drum Comping Beat #6

Once you are finished with these snare drum comping exercises, you can move on to bass drum comping!